Angels For Orphans

Angels For Orphans

Can you imagine?

Being two and having to go without food for four days? At eight years old being the sole carer for your three brothers and sisters? Your family being so poor that you are sold, possibly into prostitution? Being left at five years old on the floor to beg at a local market?

This is the reality for many children living in extreme poverty in the developing world. There is no protection or state funding in many countries for children whose parents die and are orphaned. You can be an Angel and help change the lives of these children forever.

Our Mission

Angels for Orphans aims to provide funding to improve childrens lives worldwide. We aim to find partners in every country whose children need our help. Carefully choosing the organizations which really do what they say they intend to do.  At the same time making sure that their administration costs are kept to a minimum enabling our raised funds to go to those who need it most, the children.

We believe that every child deserves a safe, loving environment to nurture a child to his or her full potential. Love, happiness, care, shelter, food, education, medical care, clothing and hope are the things that every child should have a right to. Through the opportunities and support we aim to provide this will become a reality for those children. Angels for Orphans aims to improve lives one child at a time. You can be someone's Angel today.

"To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world."